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I would like you to read this before we begin:

We spend around 85% of our lives in our homes. Inside those we create an artificial environment of temperature around 22°C, and a moisture completely different from the outside. These conditions are ideal for the growth of bacteria, viruses or fungi, which we must take control of.

No apartment is prettier than the other because each home has its own soul. Through regular cleaning we can make your home come to life. Every one of us has their own place, family, friends, job, taste, and belongings which we collect throughout our lives. They are very important and sentimental to us because they are our own.

With every year we live in a bigger hurry and find it difficult to get the time to clean after ourselves. That’s why we will gladly help you. If you’re losing your keys, your phone falls out of your hand, you put reminders on your fridge, or you’re falling over your hoover, then it is time to stop and think about relaxation.

Put your home in good hands and contact us and we will help you with your daily house responsibilities. We will help you discover your home again.

What I can offer you:

More time for your kids, husband, friends, yourself and your hobbies as well as the feeling of satisfaction when walking into a clean home after a long day. If you’re dreaming of a tidy home, then put it in good hands.

I won’t be describing everything that I offer because I don’t know your home, your priorities or what needs to be done in it. When I walk into a client’s house for the first time, I focus on the things that need cleaning the most first, such as the toilet, and then move onto the rest of the rooms. I can’t clean the whole house perfectly on the first visit unless I have a lot of time for it. Only through regular cleaning can you achieve the desired effect. I always consult with my client first about what’s most important for them. When that’s done, I will create my own plan on how to most efficiently clean the whole house in the next visit.

With my many years of experience:

I love a neat and tidy environment and offering people a helping hand. I love hearing the words “thank you” and seeing a smile on my client’s face. I don’t clean the house myself because after every week I see how much work my clients put in to maintain the cleanliness and do a bit extra. Through this collaboration, we can turn your home into something beautiful.

The dangers in your home:



It is everywhere, it laches onto every surface, especially in the least accessible places that are not cleaned often. Only regular cleaning can help us take control of dust.

Where does it come from?

I believe that we are the largest sources of producing dust. It consists of hair, dead skin, clothing fibres, our pets’ fur, and is carried into the house on shoes. It also enters the house through open doors and windows. Dust also consists of organisms such as fungus, bacteria and house dust mites (these feed on the dead skin). They live best at around 25°C and they die below 0°C or above 60°C. A minority of the population are allergic to them.



Only biologists know the real dangers of bacteria and where most of them are found.

Bathroom: Shower, tiles, bath, toilet, sink and all its elements. Bacteria in the shower head are difficult to remove therefore, the shower head should be regularly replaced.

Kitchen: Rotting food is seriously bad! Most bacteria exist on chopping boards, old sponges, cloths, bins, sinks and especially the sink hole (I suggest buying special liquid and pour it inside once a week) counters, handles, microwave, and fridge. Everything that comes into contact with food leftovers.

Bedrooms: The largest sources of bacteria are remotes, keyboards, laptops, phones, game controllers, and sofa arm rests.

We can never achieve a fully sterile environment, but we can try by not allowing infections of harmful bacteria that we might not be immune to in the future. They mutate every year and what happens to our health? Will we be able to cope?